Pink Sugar

This gorgeous Pink Sugar perfume oil is a very popular unisex Sweet candy like perfume oil.

We only sell genuine and quality products, and our perfumes are known to be very long lasting.

Vegetarian & Vegan friendly | Strictly Not tested on animals 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Nicola Armstrong

Purchased pink sugar while shopping at Covent garden, lady on stall is super wonderful and patient as I was so torn, all oils smell so good!

Pink sugar is amazing I'd recommend to anyone, been wearing 2 weeks, absolutely addicted. I've been asked alot what I'm wearing and my pal could still smell me in her car next day! Definitely value for money. 🙂

Pink sugar

I love this scent!! I bought this 3 yrs ago while on vacation, & it still smells the same today!! Great product that lasts forever!!! The lady selling items was so amazing as well!! Could’ve just sat n talked w her ALLLLL day long!! I’m getting low on this oil so I figured I’d search it out & see if it’s still available, happy to see it is!!!!

Punk sugar fan
Love pink sugar

Love pink sugar! It's replaced my channel no5 😎

Gemma Pritchett
The best smell ever

Couldn’t think of anything better. Literally can’t live without it


The Pink Sugar fragrance is amazing. If you mix a little pink sugar with the rose musk, every person you come in contact with will ask you what you are wearing and tell you you smell fabulous. It is every single time I wear the two together. Another thing is, this fragrance lasts so long.

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