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The gorgeous Golden Scent is one of our all time best selling perfumes. It is a unisex fragrance, popular with all ages and groups.

Strictly Not tested on animals | Does not contain ingredients derived from animals. Vegan and Vegetarian friendly. 

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Julie Snyder
Fabulous all day long

I bought my first bottle of Rose Musk in Covent Garden in 2017. It has become my signature scent! I get so many “you smell lovely” when wearing. I bought another bottle in 2018 in Covent garden on another trip! This time I ordered from the states and I am pleased once more! We’ll done Scent garden!!❤️

Ruqayya Albo-Hussein
Never got the order

Loved ordering my perfume here when I lived in the UK! Now that I’m in Germany I placed an order again, they took the money but I never actually received anything.. I don’t think I’ll order again.

We are very sorry that you chose to give us a 1 star review instead of contacting us regarding your order. We have “taken your money” because you placed an order that we fulfilled.
Your tracking number which is a clickable link is in your confirmation email and we have just checked the status of your order. We copy & paste it here for you but you too can easily have access to all the information: (just click on your tracking number)
“Your item is currently with Customs in the destination country.
We would advise you to contact your local postal service for further information and help.
We also would like to assure you that we have never taken any of our customer’s money without fulfilling their order. We , as a business, are known for not only our excellent , high quality products but also for being trustworthy and honest.
We are issuing a full refund to you for the perfume and hoping that the German Postal Service will deliver it to you soon so you can enjoy it in good health.

Sharon Allan
Dissapointed this time....

Having bought Golden Scent before and was looking forward to receiving it again,however have you made it less concentrated,it dosent stay on all day as before, so dissapointed ......

Thank you for your feedback Sharon. Very sorry to hear that you are disappointed in Golden Scent.
We can guarantee you that the formula or the concentration of the oil did not change and Golden Scent continues to be our ultimate best seller fragrance.
Please be so kind and send us and email so we can discuss further and offer you compensation. Thank you.

Levi Mercurym
What Golden Scent

This scent had the right name, it smells like it sounds, warm sweet and fruity tones that lasts for hours and even stays on your jewellery and clothes even after they’ve been washed; it’s that powerful but not overwhelming. Great value for money ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨

Lillie Beckett
Best perfume I have ever used!!!

Everyone compliments this perfume. I even had someone run after me in the street to ask me what it’s called! It’s scent is divinely sweet but also melts into your own natural smell without having the usual overwhelming alcohol smell.

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