Oudh Safwa Cambodi

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This gorgeous Oudh Safwa Cambodi perfume oil is a very oudhy, rich and traditional unisex fragrance oil.

We only sell genuine and quality products, and our perfumes are known to be very long lasting.

Vegetarian & vegan friendly | Strictly Not tested on animals 

Customer Reviews

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Sister M
He likes it ✅

A small token for my husband.

Although similar, yet not the same.This was a replacement purchase for a ‘Safwa Cambodi’ that was purchased from Saudi.

You just need the smallest touch to the ear.

A super rich, full body perfume oil that lasts for hours. A very expensive smelling scent.

Suited for a high profile/performance Alpha personalities who love to be laced in perfumed luxury.

For sisters - Blends nicely with x3 parts Taif Rose as the leading scent, for that all heart, ‘keep you scent guessing’ feminine embodiment.

Top Tip - Less is more with this one.
If you are into powerfully strong scents that evolve throughout the day, then this is the one for you Insha’Allah

His & Hers choice

Sohail Dar
Nice intense fragrance

Bought 1 bottle couple of years ago from their covent garden stall and had to buy another when I ran out. Arrived very quickly

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