Oudh Safwa Cambodi

This gorgeous Oudh Safwa Cambodi perfume oil is a very oudhy, rich and traditional unisex fragrance oil.

If you are not familiar with the fragrance, if you didn’t grow up smelling it, this particular scent could smell very “barnyardish” to you. However, depending on the weather and your skin, after 20-30 minutes it changes into a softer, less animalistic and more raw, woody, deep, strong scent.
If you’re not sure, please message us and request a sample.

We only sell genuine and quality products, and our perfumes are known to be very long lasting.

Vegetarian & vegan friendly | Strictly Not tested on animals 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

He loves it

Sister M
He likes it ✅

A small token for my husband.

Although similar, yet not the same.This was a replacement purchase for a ‘Safwa Cambodi’ that was purchased from Saudi.

You just need the smallest touch to the ear.

A super rich, full body perfume oil that lasts for hours. A very expensive smelling scent.

Suited for a high profile/performance Alpha personalities who love to be laced in perfumed luxury.

For sisters - Blends nicely with x3 parts Taif Rose as the leading scent, for that all heart, ‘keep you scent guessing’ feminine embodiment.

Top Tip - Less is more with this one.
If you are into powerfully strong scents that evolve throughout the day, then this is the one for you Insha’Allah

His & Hers choice

Sohail Dar
Nice intense fragrance

Bought 1 bottle couple of years ago from their covent garden stall and had to buy another when I ran out. Arrived very quickly

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